Recent Before & After Photos

Unwanted Visitor

Mold is much like that one member of the family, that everyone has. It is never a good time for it to show up. If mold decides to drop in on you let the local... READ MORE

Outside Water

In some cases humidity isn't always the cause for mold growth in a home. In photo seen here a leaky window allowed water to saturate the framework of this home... READ MORE

Moldy Apartment

It doesn't take long for Moisture in a structure to escalate into a much more serious issue. When you create humid/moist air with rising temperatures an enviro... READ MORE

Flood Waters Ruin Department Store

When a catastrophic event occurs such as a Hurricane, structures are not only affected by the wind. Rising floodwaters are equally as devastating to area affec... READ MORE

Flood Water Invade Restaurant

When flood waters hit they do not choose favorites. Taking over anything in its way covering everything with feet of water, commercial or residential it can cau... READ MORE

Flood Waters Sand and Water into Home

When storm season comes many Americans are faced with the difficult decision of should we stay and ride it out or go inland. At SERVPRO are teams are always r... READ MORE

Busted Pipes

Few things can create a mess like a busted pipe. In this picture a ruptured pipe on an upper level caused multiple levels of damage. The large amount of water... READ MORE

Are my Hardwoods Salvageable

When it come to water damage a common question from customer is " Can you save my Hardwood floors"? In some cases yes, in other times no. If treated quickly re... READ MORE

Just Water Under the Table

A little bit of water can go along way in causing big issues in your home. What seems like a small amount for an overflowing dishwasher seen here can lead to b... READ MORE

No Place for Standing Water

The kitchen floor is no place for standing water. It causes hardwoods to buckle or bow, can cause walls and sub floors to deteriorate. Even worse standing wate... READ MORE